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YOGA flow therapy


"During our stay in the Cayman Islands, we chose Kristýna for a private yoga class on the beach at sunset. We didn't regret it, it was absolutely amazing and the best part, Kristýna inspired me to return to yoga again.." 



"I met Kristý for the first time at a hormone hormonal yoga course. Until then, I was new to yoga. Everything was beautifully prepared and she took me through a cycle that changed my life for the better. I also attended her yoga retreat and it was perfect in every way. Kristýna can perfectly calm and encourage you at the same time. Her voice will become your oasis." 

Tereza Š.

"Thanks to yoga with Kristýna, I began to understand yoga as a lifestyle, not as a 60-minute window of time a few times a week. Kristýna will make you feel calm and safe. She will guide you through your practice, thanks to which you will gain strength and stability for the following days. I had the opportunity to participate in group and private lessons, seminars and weekends organized by Kristýna, and I always felt exceptional and enriched by a lot of experiences and new information."

Michal M.

"I have been exercising regularly for several years to alleviate my back problems and improve my overall health. It wasn't until yoga classes at Yoga Flow Therapy with Kristýna that I understood the importance of inner peace, proper breathing and less aggressiveness during exercise."

Tereza Č. 

Kristyna is one of the best yoga teachers I know. She has a perfect ability to feelthe energy of the group and choose a more challenging or more relaxing lesson. Her foreign experience can be noticed in her teaching. An individual approach to everyone is a matter of course for her. I always leave her yoga practice rested and in a good mood :-)



"I had almost zero experience with yoga when I took my first group class with Kristýna. I enjoyed, came back and even took some private lessons. What I appreciate most is how her voice and tone are great help for me to disconnect from a hectic work environment and how respecting my own limitation or mood of the day she manages to take me on a peaceful journey".

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